Prop 8 and The Problem Behind It (Thoughts about Gays and their Union)

I am heterosexual man, which i don’t and should not specify since the point in this post has nothing to do with it, but for some reason i find it important for certain individuals who might read this to know this. I have finally realized the horrible reality that there are many ignorant people who do no accept gay marriage. As i’ve said before these individuals are a cancer to our society and always will.

I ask myself why gay marriage is such an issue. Now after understanding it, i understand why it is to the LGBT. I spoke to many people, and they have used example which are to the fullest ignorant and unthoughtful, like:

“Why do gays want to be married?, cant they just be together?”

I obviously answer to them, “why do you want to be married?”

Some either avoid the question or say “because i love her.” This is a great answer how does this differ from any marriage? Marriage is nothing but union of two people who love one another (although no always). How does this not apply to gays or any other two people. Gays fight for equal benefits of those who are heterosexual couples. So in this sense they’re not fighting to be considered “married” but two have the same civil union benefits as a married couple.

Today i spoke to a person who said “can’t they just be around without getting married?” i said, “they can, but if they choose to create a civil union with one another why is it bad?”

They also say “Why would i want to see two married guys kissing in a restaurant?”

First above all this is the stupidest question i have ever heard in my life, if a gay is to show personal display of affection in public then they will even in they are married or not. Personally in my life i have never seen a gay man or couple make out in sickening ways in public or in private. I have seen sick expressions of love like french kissing, hugging, etc. in heterosexual couples in public. This if its through gay or heterosexual affair would not matter if your children saw, they are both wrong.

“Well gays get human rights, what more do they want?” i simply say equal marriage recognition. thats all so if they get 99.9% of all the rights they just want that 00.1% they have not earned yet.

One of them said, “Well make special area for them so they can kiss and what not, cuz i don’t want to be in front of them in a restaurant.” I think, then go another one, just cause they are married or not doesn’t mean they will kiss in public… if you don’t like it, then move across restaurant. I told him this. “Why make special area for them?” i said, “why not put, ‘Colored People Table/Section?'” of course the use of this example i must and had to re-edit is not as to a degree of race, but  to put the point across that discrimination should be imposed on any individual for anything different about them. The movement for equality might be and has been greater for race, but human rights movements are also and will be part of the LGBT community also.

Most and all “anti-gay” arguments are based on illogical assumption, which to me only proves that the individual lacks a sense of logic or is simply ignorant. Every human has the right to be recognized for any union of an individual. Since i find no malice in gay rights, or marriage. Let that be known.

What do you think? Id like to hear both “anti and pro” gay arguments if you agree or not. I wish for comments or questions.



B-> T->M

if  i were to use my old example of how the mind comes to be. One question arose which i was aware of by a comment:

Do you think that [consciousness] is a product of the mind or some sort of completely exogenous network that a brain/mind can gain access to? (thinkprovidence)

Well i think that consciousness is derived from lets just call it X… i think now that from the mind after it is officially come to be,  i now believe or think, that the mind is split within the task of choosing(personality) and awareness. The awareness part of the mind which as i said we can call the “sub-mind”, 2nd mind, but i prefer to call is X. This essence of X is what not only gives us a sense of awareness but is also responsible for fighting back against the minds emotions and choosings. We can also acknowledge it as a mechanism for defense.

E.g. A person who loves a married woman, the thinking obviously will organize the information into, something which is interpretable from their the mind takes its choosing from what you like. This can cause problems since what you like may not be the correct thing, the sub-mind or X. Is what creates a self-attack, doubt, position of your actions. Therefore X is not only a catalyst for self-awareness, but also a essence which stores what we like to believe is moral, doubt, etc. Everything that the mind chooses must go through a system, that system is X, obviously not all ideas might go through self evaluation like the choosing of ice cream, since most do not doubt what we like. Unless of course choosing a different flavor because they want to try something new. Aside from that X is there for most important “choosing situations.” Like:

1. Do i sleep wit my neighbors, ‘gosh shes so pretty should i?’

2. I ran over a person, do i stay?

Now i can at least at the moment can say that this is my idea of consciouness, i might edit this and make changes in the future but so far this is what i have gotten.

B–>T–>M/X   (M/M2)

Hurray!Its almost time….

It’s almost time for me to rejoice the coming of my  six months  as a vegetarian. I used to be one individual who made fun of people who are vegetarian. soon i was converted by videos and a very good friend i call my confidant.

I hope writing about my experiences changes people i know its not a very good, entertaining topic to read about, but at least i keep trying. i like it when i got myself to convert one individual, but no worries, i know that i will come across individuals who value animals as much as i do.

But let me say Hurray to me! for 6 months of happiness, decent ethical feeling in my life, and i want to say hurray to you! those who are vegetarians and those who are thinking of trying it out at least. I takes courage and hard work to be ethical and healthy, but i think its all worth the fight.

To my animal friends, cows, pigs, chickens,  squirrels etc.  (i wish i could go on)

Vegetarianism for Dummies…

Of course i would not recommend anyone to buy a book like this:

I am not saying this book created by a very helpful person and publishing company is bad. I am saying if you can read this blog, or any blog for that matter you should not be in need to read a book. You have the access to the internet which to me is “whatever you’re looking for in the world For Dummies.”  It’s helpful if you have no access to the web, although i believe most individuals, i will not say ALL, have some sort of access. If not then i guess the only thing to turn to is a book.

The internet is the key to your transition as a vegetarian. You must create a plan, which you must strictly follow. Since vegetarianism is not something that is easy for some to follow. I also do not advice any individual to become a vegetarian or take advise from people who say this:

“I feel like becoming a vegetarian ill start tommorow!”

Of course that simple message is immature. Its great that the individual is choosing a lifestyle which is great. Of course i think that the sudden decision is not the wisest since cutting out all meat and not knowing what to be consuming to replace the meat. Replacing meat isn’t hard, it can be very easy to do so, but taking it slow gives you time to learn and experience what challenges are to come ahead within your lifestyle change. After all, vegetarianism is not only a diet, but its also overall a lifestyle change that will effect you when dining out, eating at a friends home, and restricting  what to consume(this applies specially if you plan to cut out items like: glycerin, glycol, whey,gelatin etc.) I will always support researching before you make a move.

Why Vegetarian? and A Brief Intro To My Transition

Some people ask me why i became a vegetarian, i have three major reasons why i became a vegetarian:

1. Nutrition/Health

2. Idea of eating a death animal

3. Ethics (animal abuse)

These three reasons are why i became and plan to stay a vegetarian. I started out by planning my transition ti vegetarianism for nutritional benefits. The benefits of vegetarianism are great. There are several,which i will post a link up after the post, which i will not go into detail within the post itself. After creating my “transition phase plan,” which was:

Red Meat once a week, Chicken and Fish  no limit for the first 30 days… this of course was last year on Nov. 2009

after eating chicken on my transitional stage i grew aware of what i was consuming at the moment. An image was imprinted on my head as i ate the chicken. I began to notice the ‘obvious’ that i was consuming the carcass of a chicken. From that point i rapidly cut of chicken and red meat from my diet within that first week.

I did not suffer major temptation for eating red meat nor chicken. Of course i still got hungry when i smelled a BBQ from away, but soon i managed to contain such a craving and never again have i had the temptation or craving for any of those meats.

The third reason but no less important was after seeing the slaughter of animals, and the animal abuse that took place in some facilities, not only the abuse but how the animals were fed and injected with. I felt horrified to see what i consumed treated like so. After all you are what you eat.


I let my transition stage run for a month of pure fish, by this time is was December 2009. I had not planned what day i would stop completely consuming meat, but eventually i had to choose a date. I had to make it convenient not for myself but for my family. After the holidays so i choose the wonderful date Jan 2nd of 2010.

During my transitional stage, i learned important information. This information was about food i can cook that was high on protein, i discovered new foods, and i learned how to cook for myself. This 1 1/2 month transition helped me get ready  for my new way of life i would take in the near future. I researched nutritional facts on beans, grains, breads, and food i had never known of. This goes to the people who say “but my parents say they wont let me,” or “my parents dont take me serious.” One big word is RESEARCH, show the individuals you can make the change, but at the same time be responsible for yourself, but cooking. Telling your parents what kind of food to buy for you. There are many things you can do but i highly recommend a transition phase for these reasons it helps you and your family be prepared for what is to come from your lifestyle change.

Supreme Being – Supreme Power

One thought came up, when speaking of Mr. Washington’s fraternity. Do i believe in a supreme being? or in other words god? it was simple at first, one simple thought came to me, “i don’t believe in god”, therefore i cant believe in a supreme power. Although this assumption was soon interrupted by the fact that i do believe in a supreme power. I do not like to specify it as ‘god’ since what is god but a mere word.

I can’t find myself saying that i believe nature is god, although i find it very ‘supreme’ than my own power, nature isn’t a supreme BEING but a supreme cause from the actual supreme power. This supreme power i must say is space and time. I may say i do not believe in a creator but i do believe (acknowledge be best suited) in the factors of creation. These two essences are nothing more than the pure force needed for everything to exist therefore, is this wonderful power, a god?

I may say this in an unsure manner but i do not believe this ‘power’ to a BEING which related to a creator, something or someone. This power is that which all comes from with out time, with out space, what would this all be. Nothing. There is nothing that can exist without these two factors.

These factors which exist in the present. Since the present is the state of nature (as Thomas Hobbes says in the Leviathan) therefore these factors (”beings”) existed in the past and will exist in the future. Thus in return i will say they don’t exist in the past anymore, nor they do they exist in the future. They reside among one another in the same realm. That realm being the present, which we can never really accurately say this is the present, since the future becomes present and in a blink of an eye that present becomes the past.

We live in the present, but our minds are not set on the present, our minds think of the future and the past but not of the present, since it is literally impossible.

These two supreme factors cause so many effects. Space subsides in creation of matter, as for a time, i need not explain.

So i may say nature, i mean not the ”outdoors” when i say this but the simple essence of space and time. To me that is nature. At least one intepretation of it.



I sit by the this window, the Protector of Life

Noticing happiness on the other side

When opened reaching to grasp some felicità

Always failing to steal some away from the lad and his wife, who always pass by

I cry not, since tears seem more happy then my state of mind

Sitting by my protector, I see them and them not me

Like a ghost who haunts not, but gets haunted by a world so unkind

I feel alright attempting to steal such luxury which is happiness, but I think I have justification for my greed.

Sitting here every day for the past long ago

And hiding my face from society

They noticed that when I am successful at taking such necessity, they can hear my crow

But when I fail, in shame I retrieve to dark corner of my reality

Safe, being there within the bounds of my home

Still sitting here is I, by my Protector of Life.